Don’t Give Up After Your First Love; There’s Still Two More To Come

It’s been said that we will fall in love only three times in our lifetime, each with different people. It has also been said that each of these is imperative to our self-growth.

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The first is the “young kind of love.” This usually occurs somewhere around high school where you experience the man you think is going to begin as your high school sweetheart and end as your forever.

This is referred to as the “idealistic” kind of love, because it’s the blindness to the flaws in your relationship and in your partner. It is the love that will have you convinced that it doesn’t have to be a fairy tale all the time to be considered true love, as long as you say that it is.

Outsider influence often plays a role in the fate of the love and you tend to live your life in a way that the story books and romance movies tell you to.

The second is the hard kind of love. This is the one that will end up teaching us the lessons about who we are and the way in which we need to be loved as well as what love should be and what is isn’t in that moment. This particular kind of love hurts…like hell.

It is the love that we fight for consistently to remain, but the universe keeps throwing signs our way that something isn’t right. It is the love that we want to work so badly, but there is no way it can.

This love will teach you one of the most valuable life lessons by showing you true heartbreak, and forcing you to teach yourself how to pick up the pieces and continue moving forward, regardless of how much the memories of the past keep pulling you back.

The third kind of love is the one we never see coming. It’s the kind that almost seems too good to be true, because of the natural, unplanned, effortless connection that you feel to this person.

It defies everything that you thought love was and it restores the hope of what you felt love would never be.

This is the love that sweeps you off of your feet in the best way and this is the love that sticks. This is the love that some very fortunate people find the first time around without the disruption of the previous love lessons.

Most of us will find love more than once in our lives, but as we enter into the next chapters of our existence, we begin to wonder if what we felt before truly was love, until we reach the third kind and we know how it is supposed to feel.

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